Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training - Part 4.1

Part 4.1.

So, I wrote a post last week about what an AWESOME time I was having trying to do the potty training thing again. Without giving away the ending, I can report that almost a week later, we are still working on it. (Who am I kidding, there is no "ending"). To be honest, I did not expect to be entering into part 4 so soon. Not after the first failed attempt at a potty training weekend. I didn't want to go through it all over again, just to wind up buying more diapers at the end of it.

As you can read, this is part 4.1, which means once again I am making this too long for one post - so tune in for the next 2 parts!! :) Such a teaser...

The Reason We Tried Again

Dan and I decided we needed to find consistent times (in addition to already using the potty right before bath time and bed time) to get Evan to the potty so he gets used to it as a part of his daily routine. We figured that would be the best way to "re-introduce" the potty training idea again.

I decided on Wednesday morning last week as I was changing his diaper, those would be the times I would get him to use the potty - before putting on a new diaper.

Evan threw a stubborn 3-year-old fit when I told him to use the potty.

Knowing full well that he can make it to the potty on time while naked, I just didn't bother putting any clothes on him and went about my morning. I heard him run to the bathroom when I was in the other room feeding the girls. Then he ran out, and back in soon after. Then he yells out "I poopied!"

Uh, Awesome!

I'm thinking to myself, alright, one less mess I have to clean up today! What I wasn't expecting was that he would ask about wearing underwear after he walked out of the bathroom. Hmm, I thought to myself - ok, this just. might. work.

But then I remembered that he has this pesky problem with realizing the difference between underwear and diapers.


Too late now, the gauntlet has been thrown down. He asked about underwear all on his own, and he even pooped in the potty (which he has done before). I have been told by numerous sources that pooping is THE obstacle. So if we can already say we are past that obstacle, then by all means, the kid is just being stubborn and he's "ready."

But really, am I ready to deal with this reaction:

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