Monday, November 30, 2009

sugar and spice

sure she looks like she is full of sugar and spice and everything nice...

but *from who knows where* she pulls out this face...

and *ever so slightly* I start to wonder...

**for the record, this is my ABSOLUTE favorite face of Brynn's, you can't even imagine the amount of laughter it brings out in me when she does this

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's only November, but I have already been planning my New Year's resolution.

I have mentioned I'm a planner, right?

But first, I must brag just a little.

Since starting my quest to become a master chef...

Ha, I couldn't even keep a straight face as I typed that...

Since attempting to make meals for my family that don't come out of a box (around April-ish), I have tried 36 new recipes.


That's gotta be a record, right?


Oh well, I've tried 36 new recipes - some we've liked, some we haven't. But I'm darn proud of myself for trying them!

Back to my resolution.

Just about all of the new recipes I've tried, I have found online.

Yet, I have lots... I mean LOTS, of cook books. Actually, I have not counted them yet, but the entire cabinet space above my microwave is devoted to cook books.

My resolution for 2010 is to try 1 new recipe from each of the cook books I already have.

Do you find it ironic that I have so many cookbooks, yet I never really cooked before? Yeah, I think everyone who bought me cook books was trying to tell me something.

So, the reason I am figuring out my resolution now is because I am going to take the next couple months to actually organize and count how many cookbooks I have, and choose the recipes I want to try. I plan to head into the new year prepared!

I'll keep ya posted!

Wish me luck.

Monday, November 23, 2009

practice makes perfect...

I have discovered many pros & cons to being a stay at home mom.

One of the pros is being afforded the opportunity to practice patience every day.
(well... sometimes that's not a pro)

I decided to practice patience when I started giving the girls real cups instead of sippy cups.

I never would have dreamed giving Evan a real cup at this age.

Guess I am finally learning a little patience!

But not too much, there aren't any more pictures after this one since I quickly put down the camera and grabbed the cup before she could spill it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

THE MoSt traumatic experience to date

We all know that our possessions don't go with us when we die.

Just try explaining that to this 3-year-old:

So, instead of throwing his MOST FAVORITE TOY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD in the trash after it ker-plunked into the toilet the other day...

...I washed it...

...I took it apart...

...I dried it...

...and put it back together...

...because of this 3-year-old:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

and a 1 and a 2... feel the burn!

On a side note, Brynn has been pulling herself up to a standing position for only a week now. Today she started pulling herself up to the couch, and letting go! Already this girl is trying her hand at standing by herself. She kept practicing by the couch and she started pushing herself off repeatedly and flopping herself to the side, almost like she was practicing how to fall gracefully or something. I wish I had captured it on video because it was much more funny to watch than I'm sure it is me trying to explain it. Just take my word... very cute!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pucker uP!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the new arrangements

Well, as of Tuesday, we have new sleeping arrangements. I haven't completely processed how I feel about it yet - but I'm a little sad. I don't really know why. Probably because a crib and a pack-n-play don't really fit all that nicely in the girls' room. It's just a bit cramped.

I suppose I should be more specific.

Brynn and Avery no longer share a crib.

The morning of the change we heard Avery scream her scream that could only mean one thing.

Brynn bit her.

She has been a bit of a biter lately. She has bit me on several occasions, and it really hurts - even though she's usually biting my leg, through my jeans. It still hurts.

So I can only imagine how it feels for Avery.

I really don't even know what to do about it.

I try to tell Brynn "no bite," as firm as I can muster - but really, she's 9 months old, all she does is smile her cute little smile and go about her biting.

Anyway, Brynn stays in the crib, Avery gets the pack-n-play. I feel a little bad, like Avery is getting demoted or something - but my reasoning for putting her in there, is she is the climber. My guess is she will be the first one to figure out how to climb out of wherever we put her, and the pack-n-play is a shorter fall.

(Yes, that is a completely bare, very pink wall. Nothing on it. Boring. I have no decorating sense what-so-ever, so for now, it's just going to be a bare. very. pink. wall.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Valerie!! If only you knew what you were getting into before you said "yes"! :)

Ya know, my elbow still hurts from darts...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my brother, Jim!!

I have all sorts of corny stuff I could say, but lets just stick with: you deserve to have a great day today!

I love you, man!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

9 month check up

Avery & Brynn are 9 months.


They were supposed to get their flu booster at their check up this morning, but they ran out. I'm hearing that a lot, no more flu shots available. I have my theories, but I'm going to keep them to myself.

Back to the girls.

Wow ~ we have never been accused of being small people, and it looks like the same will hold true for all our children. We grow 'em big, I guess!

Avery - birth - 7lbs 15oz, 19-1/4"
Avery - 2 mo. - 10 lbs 2oz, 22-3/4"
Avery - 4 mo. - 14lbs 10oz, 25-3/4"
Avery - 6 mo. - 17lbs 10oz, 26.5"
Avery - 9 mo. - 20lbs 7oz, 28"

Brynn - birth - 6lbs 7oz, 19-1/4"
Brynn - 2 mo. - 9lbs 8oz, 22-1/4"
Brynn - 4 mo. - 13lbs 13oz, 25-1/4"
Brynn - 6 mo. - 17lbs, 27"
Brynn - 9 mo. - 19 lbs, 29.5"

Developmentally, the girls are basically at the same spot - sitting themselves up, crawling, babbling, clapping. Brynn can't quite pull herself up to standing yet, but not for lack of trying! Avery is a mover and a shaker - she pulls up like it's nobody's business! She has also been standing by herself for a couple seconds when we let go of her.

These girls have places to be! Have you ever tried clipping a 9 month old's finger nails? It's hard. They don't want to hold still. Ever. Even for a little bit.

Speaking of bits. That's what they eat. Bits. It's great - frees me up to actually eat a meal while it's still mostly warm. I still give them thicker purees from time-to-time, but they actually snub their noses! They recognize they are being fed something different than what we are eating, and they get mad! So, for the most part, they eat everything we eat - just in bits.

We still have the girls in their infant car seats, but pretty soon they won't fit. I'm pretty sure Evan was 10 months when we moved him to his bigger car seat, and that will be about the same time for A & B as well.

They are just plain fun. This is a good age, sometimes I just sit back and watch them explore their surroundings. It's always interesting to see what they find fascinating. Often times they have their noses pressed up against the patio door looking outside. If I forget to pick up the dog bowls, Avery heads for that - and if I leave a towel hanging on the rack in the kitchen, Brynn heads for that.

I had forgotten how much work it was to baby proof a home. I think they pulled down a lamp at least 3 times before I finally just rearranged the furniture so they couldn't get to it.

So for now, I'll just have to stick them in the laundry basket to keep them in one place.

the fun to be had

Do you ever wonder to yourself throughout the day... I wonder what the Krew is up to? How do they fill their day?

Well, here is the answer:

We sit in laundry baskets.

And flop around in them.

And I stand on a chair to take pictures.

And then I have to explain to Evan why we shouldn't stand on chairs.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A VERY Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, to my Grandma. I won't post her age, 'cause it's a girl thing ~ but I will say that she has many years of wisdom wrapped up in the beautiful woman that she is. I can't wait to celebrate in person next year!!

I love you, Grandma!

Happy (belated) Halloween!

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