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Too tired to eat lunch... but NEVER too tired to drink her milk!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Searching for needles... part 2

I'm still a little in disbelief, but for different reasons than part 1 of this story...

Continuing my story yesterday... I asked Evan where the needles were.  Logical question, right?


4 year olds have no concept of truth.  The only concept they understand is "I'm probably in trouble."

Evan immediately thought he was in trouble when I asked him where the needles were. 

I put them on the stove, they were there when I put them in the house, there weren't there anymore the next time I came in the house.  Or were they?

The first thing Evan did after I asked him about the needles was walk over to the couch.  So, my first thought was he heard me talking about fixing the couch, so maybe he was going to try his hand at it first.  Risking life and limb (is that too dramatic?), I start digging my hand around in the exposed stuffing of the couch looking for these 2 needles that are missing.

Not there.

I ask him again, he starts walking back toward the bedrooms.  He tells me they are in the girls' room.


I am trying my darnedest at this point to keep my cool, mostly fearing that someone's foot is what will ultimately find these needles, but when he told me they were in the girls' room, I about lost it entirely.  This is freaking me out.

WHERE in this room are they?

The beds?  The dresser drawers?  The carpet?  WHERE????

Not there.

So this is when I am wracking my brain trying to figure out when on earth Evan could have had time to open the package, pull the needles out, play with them, loose them, and come back out for our walk.

But it had to be him.  Dan didn't do it.  I didn't do it.  The package was closed.  Now it isn't.  The needles were there.  Now they aren't.

Then I remember Evan telling me he had to go to the bathroom before we went on our walk.  But was it before I put the needles inside?  Or after?

At some point during my interrogations, Evan tells me they are outside.

Dan was still home, so we went outside together to look.  On the driveway, right next to where Dan happened to park his truck, we found one.


Where is the other?  Embedded in the tire, maybe?

Dan needed to leave, so I watched as he backed away and I didn't see it in the tire...  good news...


So I went on grilling Evan.  Then I took his favorite toys away until we found the needle.  In hindsight, that seems like a horrible thing to do.  However, knowing my son the way I do, and knowing what motivates him, I knew that would keep his focus on helping me figure out where the other needle was.

Then Dan called me.  And asked if I was 4 years old, where would I put a needle that I knew I wasn't supposed to have?  Maybe in the bathroom?  Down the toilet?  

But then it was lunch time.  And nap time.  So we continued our routine, and I went into the bathroom with Evan and asked him again, trying REALLY hard not to ask him any of the leading questions that I'm pretty sure I was asking him all morning.  He said he didn't put it in the toilet. 

Then I blogged about the missing needles, still not knowing where the other needle was.

And I got a phone call.

That I didn't expect, but was unbelievably grateful for! 

The package of needles had already been opened!!

Of course it was!  My friend had just recently fixed her mattress... with the exact same needles!  Duh, Lori!

At this point I'm feeling a little ridiculous.  After all, I was CONVINCED the package was sealed shut.  And my memory is golden, right?

But WHERE is the other needle?!!?!!

Did it fall out in her house?  Her van?  The road?  My house?

The kids wake up, we start the search over.

Evan tells me the leprechaun took it.

Ok.  That's the universal sign for "I know I'm in trouble, so I'm going to blame those pesky leprechauns."
(quick back story on the leprechauns: St. Patricks Day celebration, preschool is trashed (on purpose), the teacher blames the leprechauns to be silly, now the leprechauns get blamed for EVERYTHING bad that happens in our house...)

So we look around the couch again, I pull the vents up by the couch and the kitchen door to look down them, I go back into the garage and driveway, I took Evan outside to look in the grass, NOWHERE!

I get a wonderful phone call.

Relief.  The needle.  Was found.  In her sewing kit.  On the tomato thing that holds needles not in use.

Now I feel REALLY ridiculous!  And awful, but relieved.  All at the same time.

I didn't even have a full package to begin with.  The one needle we found outside EASILY could have fallen out on my way into the house.

And. Evan. May. Never. Have. Touched. It.

When I told Evan we found the other needle... do you want to know what his FIRST response was?

"Can I have my toys back, please?"

The kid doesn't forget.

But the mystery will remain: Did he take the one needle outside?  Or did I drop it before it ever made it into the house?

I will never know, but I could swear it was there when I left it on the stove...

And we all know now how great my memory is...

Moral of the story:

     #1 ~ Never trust a 4-year-old.

     #2 ~ Never trust my memory.

     #3 ~ Never jump to conclusions ~ especially when a 4-year-old AND my memory is involved.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A needle in a Haystack?

I am still somewhat in disbelief as I sit here thinking of how I should relay this story, so bear with me...

I feel like I have become fairly domesticated over the past year and a half.  I learned to cook, I clean the house, I take care of the bills and the household organization, and all the other stuff I get to do now.  But something has still eluded me.

I don't sew.

The kids have exploited that fact by pulling the stuffing out of our couch (which was ripped during our move almost 2 years ago) at any chance they get.  Stuffing pulled out of the couch is a normal part of life, but yesterday they decided to nearly clean the stinking thing out while I was making dinner.  (and surprisingly, I didn't take pictures... thought about it, but decided not to encourage the kids...)

Adorable, right?

So what do you do when something like that happens?  You write a post on facebook telling all your friends about the silly thing your kids just did, but really how it's all your fault anyway because you haven't fixed said couch because you don't know how to sew and learning how would stuff your brain so full it might end up popping.

We wouldn't want that.

A very sweet friend saw that post on facebook and brought me some needle and thread this morning.  Well, a specific curvy needle and thick thread needed to fix a couch that she knew I would need because her daughter had done something similar, only with her mattress, not her couch.

Never would have known I needed a curvy needle.

Now, to the good part ~ and this is what has me perplexed... 

She brought over an unopened pack of needles just as we were getting ready to go on a walk, so I stuck them inside the house on top of the stove and we left.  Sort of.

In the mean time Dan had just gotten home (a rare stop he was able to make on the way to a work function in the middle of the morning), so when we got back from our walk I started unloading the children into the house, put the stroller away, and helped Evan get his bike put away.

I come inside.

The unopened package of needles is now open, and two are missing.

I asked Dan (thinking to myself, why the heck would he open these, but I asked anyway) if he opened the pack of needles.  (Ok, so I've never seen a curved needle before, and they are pretty cool, so maybe he was just checking them out?)

He said he never touched them.

I believe my husband.

So the next logical choice is my son.  My dear, sweet, wonderful, I-better-think-of-more-nice-words-because-I'm-furious-the-needles-are-gone, son.

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preschool... Round 2

Evan started preschool this morning and he was beyond excited...

Although, not as excited to take so many pictures...

But we did manage to get a few good ones!

He brought his brand new toy... Boost... for show-and-tell...
(side note: it took me forever to find that toy, and we finally came across it yesterday!!)

And I just can't believe what a pipsqueak he was last year on his first day of preschool!

But at the end of the day, he had a great one!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm thinking we need two...

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My garden update

I really had high hopes for a nice "garden."

Well, maybe not that high since I started small, and in POTS:

I was so excited to share an update when my "garden" looked like this:

That was around the end of July, and I just never got around to posting the pictures...

Then THIS happened:

That was maybe a week ago or so.  All the rain, nasty heat, and bugs took a major toll on my "garden." 

And it went from this:

to this:

It was almost painful to upload and post these pictures.  I was just so proud of myself when everything was lush and green and growing... pride... just gets in the way...

Either that or maybe I'm just not a gardener...

But I DID get two peppers and 5 tomatoes before the plants took a turn for the worst, and I'm still holding out a little hope that the tomatoes still on the plants will do ok - but the pepper plant is gone.

Better luck next year maybe?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 on 2sday

1. Avery and Brynn decided to switch up their personalities last week.  We were at the library for story time and Avery was the one clinging to my leg, and Brynn was the little socialite.  Not sure if it's going to stick, and I've heard of twins doing that (switching personalities), but man, as soon as we think we've got 'em pegged...

2.  I ran a 5K a couple weekends ago with the hubby.  Yes, he basically left me in the dust, however he did run with me for close to a mile.  Problem was, I was running faster than what I'm used to, and he was running slower than he is used to.  I ended up walking portions (boo), yet I still beat my previous time (only by 20-ish seconds, but still).  So I learned that I need to pace myself better from the start and not try to keep up with the hubs!

3.  The same weekend that we ran the 5K, my parents came to visit us!  My Mom wanted a head shot done, so we got a chance to play around and do a little photo shoot!  So, this one is a bit near and dear to my heart!!  :)  Love you, Mom!

4.  So I was really excited and shared with everyone last week that Evan started riding his bike.  But perhaps the more important part of this is that he did it AGAIN, and AGAIN!  It wasn't just a one-time-fluke!  And his quote last night as he was riding his bike; "Mommy, I am awesome all of the time!"  Guess he doesn't have a self esteem problem!!

5.  We have been back to the drawing board with Avery a little.  Her skin and digestive system has been acting up recently.  We are pretty sure we discovered strawberries as an additional allergy (yeah, REALLY disappointed).  We even stopped giving her soy milk for a few days wondering if that was causing problems.  It doesn't seem to be, but I started keeping a food journal again to see if I can figure out what's going on with her.

6.  Just a random tid-bit... Brynn takes splinter removal like a champ.  We've gone through 2 splinter removals now and she didn't even flinch! She just watched what we were doing with total curiosity.  That coupled with her being rather detail oriented and having great fine motor skills, and Dan and I are now convinced she is going to be a surgeon!  Nothin' like having high hopes and dreams for your kids!!  :)

7.  I just realized yesterday as I was reading several facebook statuses about kids starting kindergarten or going back to school, that I am happy to have one more year left before Evan starts kindergarten.  Sure we have our rough days, but I'm kinda partial to the little guy!

8.  I did another senior photo shoot recently!!!

9.  It is almost impossible these days to get all 3 kids in a good picture... this is my closest attempt:

10.  Last week we had a fun play date in the park, and I actually allowed my children to romp in the mud.   Totally not like me, and I was cringing THE ENTIRE TIME wondering how I was going to get them home without getting mud all over the van.   (ok, I didn't so much LET them as I didn't see what Avery was doing until it was too late, and by that time I just threw up my hands and said fuhgetaboutit, they may as well enjoy this cause it's NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speaking of time outs...

...sometimes Avery likes to keep Evan company...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big news of the Week!






All it took was a bribe incentive that he would get a Buzz Lightyear toy when he rode the bike around the block!

Ok, not quite. 

That gauntlet was thrown down a while ago, and Evan STILL wanted nothing to do with his bike.  Dan, who should get the Father-of-the-year-Award for this one, decided to work with him this week and told Evan he would be able to shoot more bad guys (like Emperor Zurg) if he was on his bike.  He took him around the block and worked on shooting the bad guys, took Evan's mind off the bike and just let him go. 

And the little man did it!!  All the way around the block by himself!!!

Talk about a proud momma!  (and wife!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Happiness

A little something to get your Monday morning started off right!  (Who does she remind you of?  except much cuter, of course!) 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

say what?

IMG_4656 editblog, originally uploaded by isuloribell.
Just trying something new with my pictures, and Brynn is here to help out...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 on 2sday

So, I'm liking this list of 10 thing, so I think I'll keep it going with all that's going on here...

1.  Evan has graduated from nap time to "quiet time" over the past few weeks...  It's been an interesting transition - he does well with it as far as staying in his room while the girls nap, but there have been a few days I'm not sure he should go without a nap...  he gets a little cranky ~ that and the fact he gets a little bored with me, we've had a rough past few weeks.  I decided to try something new this week - in the mornings I have been asking him what he wants to do instead of me trying to come up with an activity and him not liking it (I know, it sounds so common sense) - but at least with his input the activities have been a bit more enjoyable!

2.  You probably noticed I placed an ad on my blog.  I must admit it feels a little weird.  But hopefully it's not distracting... Basically the story is like this; about a year ago I put my name on a waiting list with BlogHer, not really knowing if anything would ever come of it.  A couple weeks ago I got an email asking if I was still interested in placing an ad on my blog.  So I hemmed, and I hawed (I do that well), and decided to go for it (thanks for your input, by the way)!  They give you a lot of freedom to decide what you do and don't want to allow on your blog, which I really appreciate!

3.  We hosted 2 RAGBRAI teams last weekend...  another thing I hemmed and hawed at... I wasn't sure if I felt comfortable having people we didn't know coming in and out of our house with the kids around - but I've got to say, we had the best two groups imaginable!  They were great with the kids, totally respectful, and quite fun to be around!  I made dinner if anyone wanted to stick around, we had plenty of drinks, and stuff to make smores later ~ it was such a neat experience, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  Actually, Dan and I have been talking about adding RAGBRAI to our "bucket list" to accomplish some day!

4.  Speaking of accomplishments, I signed up for my 2nd 5K, which is coming up this weekend!  But this time I get to run with Dan!  He might will leave me in the dust, but at least it's something we get to do together!

5.  I just did my 1st senior photo shoot last night!!

6.  Avery & Brynn have been quite a bit more affectionate lately, as you saw in one of my last posts.  It's completely adorable, until one of them doesn't want to be hugged anymore and they start biting... it's still an issue I'm not entirely sure how to address.  Before I really thought the biting had more to do with teething, but now I see it happening more out of aggression.  I guess it's just one of those things I need to be watching more closely for and break it up when I can.

7. We've been attempting time outs with the girls.  It's mostly hilarious, since they know exactly what we are talking about, and exactly where to go ~ since they see Evan there so often...   I'm sort of thinking time outs in the corner probably aren't going to be so effective with Avery & Brynn, but we'll have to see.

8.   I can't believe preschool starts in 3 weeks ~ Evan is SO excited!  I am too ~ really, it gives us a little more structure which the kids I desperately need!!!!!

9.   I get to assist my friend with photographing another wedding this weekend!  I'm finding myself much less nervous, and far more excited about it!!  I still have so much to learn, but that's the best part of photography, is you never get bored!

10.  July was a tough month with a lot of ups and downs for me.  I have really been thinking a lot about what my priorities should be, and trying to get realistic about what that means.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

18 months

Well 18 months sure came and went quickly.  (broken record, I know...)

This was my favorite age with Evan.  The curiosity of an 18 month old is unmatched, they use (some) words so you can communicate (a little) with them, they can walk pretty good on their own (saves the back), they can navigate stairs pretty well, they love to play, they (for the most part) share the same schedules as everyone else, and they haven't quite gotten into the terrible 2's yet.

Without wanting to rush life forward, I have really been looking forward to this age with the girls.  I was ready for the fun, the walking, the talking.

Turns out I wasn't exactly ready for 18 months with twins.  I didn't think it was possible, but it seems this age is harder than the lack-of-sleep-with-2-newborns-stage.

Their curiosity takes them in different directions.

Not only do they walk well, but they are running well too - again, opposite directions.

It's been an interesting summer - we haven't gone to the park as much as I'd like - Brynn is fearless and will climb to the highest point on the playground equipment, and once Avery finally got over her fear of grass, she no longer would sit still in the stroller while I went down the slide with Brynn.  So we've stuck around the fenced-in-backyard quite a bit.  Although, you won't hear anyone complaining since all 3 kiddos love the water table and the sprinklers!

Taking the kids on the driveway for sidewalk chalk was the bravest I've gotten all summer:

I figured as soon as one of the girls started running towards the street, we'd be done.  Surprisingly they managed to stay by the garage for about 15 minutes!

Getting to know Avery & Brynn's personalities has been the most fun part of the past 18 months.  From the beginning so much of their personalities have been far more obvious since we can compare kids side-by-side.

Brynn - introverted, prefers playing by herself, and definitely prefers being by herself when she is upset (or just snuggling with Mommy) - she is absolutely fearless (which scares the crap out me) - she loves books...

Avery - extroverted, loves people - warms up rather quickly, much more reserved when it comes to risk-taking - she loves to be the center of attention (although, sometimes she likes to play shy) - she loves shoes...

I suppose it's pretty obvious they don't look a ton alike... even just by looking at their hair.  I think Avery might have a little hair envy... whenever she sees me putting Brynn's hair in a "ponytail" she asks for one too... and I can usually get a little tiny one on the top of her head!

It's been a fun and exciting 18 months around here - certainly not many dull moments...
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