Monday, August 2, 2010

18 months

Well 18 months sure came and went quickly.  (broken record, I know...)

This was my favorite age with Evan.  The curiosity of an 18 month old is unmatched, they use (some) words so you can communicate (a little) with them, they can walk pretty good on their own (saves the back), they can navigate stairs pretty well, they love to play, they (for the most part) share the same schedules as everyone else, and they haven't quite gotten into the terrible 2's yet.

Without wanting to rush life forward, I have really been looking forward to this age with the girls.  I was ready for the fun, the walking, the talking.

Turns out I wasn't exactly ready for 18 months with twins.  I didn't think it was possible, but it seems this age is harder than the lack-of-sleep-with-2-newborns-stage.

Their curiosity takes them in different directions.

Not only do they walk well, but they are running well too - again, opposite directions.

It's been an interesting summer - we haven't gone to the park as much as I'd like - Brynn is fearless and will climb to the highest point on the playground equipment, and once Avery finally got over her fear of grass, she no longer would sit still in the stroller while I went down the slide with Brynn.  So we've stuck around the fenced-in-backyard quite a bit.  Although, you won't hear anyone complaining since all 3 kiddos love the water table and the sprinklers!

Taking the kids on the driveway for sidewalk chalk was the bravest I've gotten all summer:

I figured as soon as one of the girls started running towards the street, we'd be done.  Surprisingly they managed to stay by the garage for about 15 minutes!

Getting to know Avery & Brynn's personalities has been the most fun part of the past 18 months.  From the beginning so much of their personalities have been far more obvious since we can compare kids side-by-side.

Brynn - introverted, prefers playing by herself, and definitely prefers being by herself when she is upset (or just snuggling with Mommy) - she is absolutely fearless (which scares the crap out me) - she loves books...

Avery - extroverted, loves people - warms up rather quickly, much more reserved when it comes to risk-taking - she loves to be the center of attention (although, sometimes she likes to play shy) - she loves shoes...

I suppose it's pretty obvious they don't look a ton alike... even just by looking at their hair.  I think Avery might have a little hair envy... whenever she sees me putting Brynn's hair in a "ponytail" she asks for one too... and I can usually get a little tiny one on the top of her head!

It's been a fun and exciting 18 months around here - certainly not many dull moments...


The Family said...

They are the cutest. And as always, I love your pictures.

Sharie said...

Love reading your fun blog and seeing pics of the kids!

~ Psalm 139 ~ each of us are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made by our loving Creator!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE The PICS of the back of their curly haired heads. Did you take any pictures of their chalk creations? It is the beginning of their artistic careers you know.
Still can't remember my identity for leaving a comment,

Sharie said...

Forgot to mention: A container of water and different sizes of old paint brushes is also great fun for little artists!

TxSizeHull said...

Lori, I can't decide which pic I like more. The girls on the sidewalk or peeking through the fence! Nice job!!

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