Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 on 2sday

1. Avery and Brynn decided to switch up their personalities last week.  We were at the library for story time and Avery was the one clinging to my leg, and Brynn was the little socialite.  Not sure if it's going to stick, and I've heard of twins doing that (switching personalities), but man, as soon as we think we've got 'em pegged...

2.  I ran a 5K a couple weekends ago with the hubby.  Yes, he basically left me in the dust, however he did run with me for close to a mile.  Problem was, I was running faster than what I'm used to, and he was running slower than he is used to.  I ended up walking portions (boo), yet I still beat my previous time (only by 20-ish seconds, but still).  So I learned that I need to pace myself better from the start and not try to keep up with the hubs!

3.  The same weekend that we ran the 5K, my parents came to visit us!  My Mom wanted a head shot done, so we got a chance to play around and do a little photo shoot!  So, this one is a bit near and dear to my heart!!  :)  Love you, Mom!

4.  So I was really excited and shared with everyone last week that Evan started riding his bike.  But perhaps the more important part of this is that he did it AGAIN, and AGAIN!  It wasn't just a one-time-fluke!  And his quote last night as he was riding his bike; "Mommy, I am awesome all of the time!"  Guess he doesn't have a self esteem problem!!

5.  We have been back to the drawing board with Avery a little.  Her skin and digestive system has been acting up recently.  We are pretty sure we discovered strawberries as an additional allergy (yeah, REALLY disappointed).  We even stopped giving her soy milk for a few days wondering if that was causing problems.  It doesn't seem to be, but I started keeping a food journal again to see if I can figure out what's going on with her.

6.  Just a random tid-bit... Brynn takes splinter removal like a champ.  We've gone through 2 splinter removals now and she didn't even flinch! She just watched what we were doing with total curiosity.  That coupled with her being rather detail oriented and having great fine motor skills, and Dan and I are now convinced she is going to be a surgeon!  Nothin' like having high hopes and dreams for your kids!!  :)

7.  I just realized yesterday as I was reading several facebook statuses about kids starting kindergarten or going back to school, that I am happy to have one more year left before Evan starts kindergarten.  Sure we have our rough days, but I'm kinda partial to the little guy!

8.  I did another senior photo shoot recently!!!

9.  It is almost impossible these days to get all 3 kids in a good picture... this is my closest attempt:

10.  Last week we had a fun play date in the park, and I actually allowed my children to romp in the mud.   Totally not like me, and I was cringing THE ENTIRE TIME wondering how I was going to get them home without getting mud all over the van.   (ok, I didn't so much LET them as I didn't see what Avery was doing until it was too late, and by that time I just threw up my hands and said fuhgetaboutit, they may as well enjoy this cause it's NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN!)

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