Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big news of the Week!






All it took was a bribe incentive that he would get a Buzz Lightyear toy when he rode the bike around the block!

Ok, not quite. 

That gauntlet was thrown down a while ago, and Evan STILL wanted nothing to do with his bike.  Dan, who should get the Father-of-the-year-Award for this one, decided to work with him this week and told Evan he would be able to shoot more bad guys (like Emperor Zurg) if he was on his bike.  He took him around the block and worked on shooting the bad guys, took Evan's mind off the bike and just let him go. 

And the little man did it!!  All the way around the block by himself!!!

Talk about a proud momma!  (and wife!)


Kristi Scheckel said...

You won't be able to get Evan off his bike now! How cute and way to go Dan!

Megan said...

Yay Evan!! How exciting!!

ck said...

So cute! Dan should market his negotiating skills. Creativity like that, especially when it comes to getting them on their bikes, would bring in the $$$

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