Wednesday, November 4, 2009

9 month check up

Avery & Brynn are 9 months.


They were supposed to get their flu booster at their check up this morning, but they ran out. I'm hearing that a lot, no more flu shots available. I have my theories, but I'm going to keep them to myself.

Back to the girls.

Wow ~ we have never been accused of being small people, and it looks like the same will hold true for all our children. We grow 'em big, I guess!

Avery - birth - 7lbs 15oz, 19-1/4"
Avery - 2 mo. - 10 lbs 2oz, 22-3/4"
Avery - 4 mo. - 14lbs 10oz, 25-3/4"
Avery - 6 mo. - 17lbs 10oz, 26.5"
Avery - 9 mo. - 20lbs 7oz, 28"

Brynn - birth - 6lbs 7oz, 19-1/4"
Brynn - 2 mo. - 9lbs 8oz, 22-1/4"
Brynn - 4 mo. - 13lbs 13oz, 25-1/4"
Brynn - 6 mo. - 17lbs, 27"
Brynn - 9 mo. - 19 lbs, 29.5"

Developmentally, the girls are basically at the same spot - sitting themselves up, crawling, babbling, clapping. Brynn can't quite pull herself up to standing yet, but not for lack of trying! Avery is a mover and a shaker - she pulls up like it's nobody's business! She has also been standing by herself for a couple seconds when we let go of her.

These girls have places to be! Have you ever tried clipping a 9 month old's finger nails? It's hard. They don't want to hold still. Ever. Even for a little bit.

Speaking of bits. That's what they eat. Bits. It's great - frees me up to actually eat a meal while it's still mostly warm. I still give them thicker purees from time-to-time, but they actually snub their noses! They recognize they are being fed something different than what we are eating, and they get mad! So, for the most part, they eat everything we eat - just in bits.

We still have the girls in their infant car seats, but pretty soon they won't fit. I'm pretty sure Evan was 10 months when we moved him to his bigger car seat, and that will be about the same time for A & B as well.

They are just plain fun. This is a good age, sometimes I just sit back and watch them explore their surroundings. It's always interesting to see what they find fascinating. Often times they have their noses pressed up against the patio door looking outside. If I forget to pick up the dog bowls, Avery heads for that - and if I leave a towel hanging on the rack in the kitchen, Brynn heads for that.

I had forgotten how much work it was to baby proof a home. I think they pulled down a lamp at least 3 times before I finally just rearranged the furniture so they couldn't get to it.

So for now, I'll just have to stick them in the laundry basket to keep them in one place.

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