Sunday, May 17, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training - Part 2

This is an on-going series ("series" makes it sound so official :) about our potty training experiences, read Part 1 here.

Part 2.

Sadly, I don’t remember exactly when Evan actually peed for the first time in his cute little potty chair, but I do remember the mix of emotions ranging From; YAY he did it! To; oh crap, the potty doesn’t have a little-boy-shield-on-the-front and now-I-get-to-clean up pee that got all over the place. yay. So on was our search for something else that he could sit on. We ended up going with the Bjorn potty seat that goes directly on the toilet. It was so cute, and fortunately for us, by then, Evan actually seemed pretty interested in getting to sit on the big-boy toilet. So that started the next leg of our journey. This has been the longest leg – for various reasons that I will discuss as we go.

Dan’s idea was to sit him on the potty every night before bath time. Mostly this came out of frustration when Evan would get in the bath tub and immediately pee, but hey, it wasn’t a bad idea – and it worked. Evan was more than happy to sit on his potty seat and go pee before bath time. That was some time during the summer, and most of you know, that was also the time we discovered a lot of our upcoming life changes (ie: expecting twins, Dan finding new job, me quitting my job, moving to a new state, living with in-laws, searching for new home…) So we really weren’t in any big hurry to get him potty trained at that point because we knew enough to know that so many changes for a toddler can really set it back.

So we continued our potty-before-bath-time routine as consistently as we could with everything that was going on. My plan (Think: I plan, God laughs) was to work on getting Evan fully potty trained once we got settled into our new house, and hopefully before the girls arrived. Once again, plans changed when I was put on bed rest a week after we moved into our new house in the fall – so potty training was put on hiatus. At that point we figured if he was truly ready before we were, we would know, otherwise we would just wait until after the girls arrived when I’d have “more time” to work with him.

Stayed tuned for Part 3! Unfortunately, I can already tell you there will be a Part 4, but I need to recover from that experience and finish writing about Part 3 first... ugh.

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