Friday, May 15, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training - Part 1

I have decided to share Evan's story in a 3-Part series, maybe a 4-Part, we'll see - it's an on-going "journey"...

Part 1.
The first part of Evan’s potty training started before he was 2. We had the little potty chair that sits on the floor and we left it in the bathroom and made sure we talked about it with him. I wasn’t really aggressive with discussing it all the time because I’ve been told boys take longer and often times aren’t fully potty trained until they are 3 and older. So I figured I wouldn’t push it. The weekend before his 2nd birthday he started talking about the potty, so we started the conversation! It took some (gentle) prodding, but we finally had convinced him to just sit down on the potty chair – with all his clothes on. We figured that was a pretty big step for him, so we were happy with our progress. Weeeeelllll! Our daycare at the time had other ideas. [Let me give some background by saying approximately 5 weeks after he turned 2 we yanked him out of that daycare for more reasons than only the revolving door of teachers in the 2-year-old room – but that’s a WHOLE ‘nother topic.] The Monday after our “big step” he moved into a new room at his daycare. Some dumb girl who we didn’t even know decided it would be a good idea to yank off his pants and diaper and slap him on the potty (I might be exaggerating the forcefulness a little, but who knows, I wasn’t there). This wasn’t a cute little potty chair on the floor, this was an actual toilet – at least it was a kid size toilet – but a toilet none-the-less. Dan had picked him up from daycare that day and they casually mentioned to him that Evan had a bit of a traumatic experience on the toilet today. Hmmm… IMAGINE THAT. Wouldn’t you be a little traumatized if you had JUST sat on a potty for the first time, YESTERDAY!?! Needless to say, we were quite upset since we had never discussed this with the daycare – but again, we had other problems at that daycare than just their inability to give a hoot about our son’s individual needs regarding potty training. Anywho – that’s the low down on how we began our crazy ride.

Stay tuned for Part 2! More excitement on the way!

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Sharie said...

Aren't you thankful that it can be YOU to do the many important areas of life!!

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