Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Week in Review

What a fun week! Me and the kids went to my parents house in Omaha for the week and my grandma flew out from AZ as well, then Dan came to get us at the end of the week ~ we had a lot of visiting to do, as well as playing cards (my Grandma kicked my butt), doting on the kiddos, playing at the park, watching my niece graduate from pre-school, seeing Jim & Valerie's house, taking a 4 generation photo, going to my dad's work open house (with a REAL NASCAR)... and on and on!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun week we all had.
Can't wait to see what the kids will be doing the next time we see them in person, for the time being watching the blogs will have to suffice.

Sharie said...

What a special time! Love all the pictures.

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