Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grandma's Post & Updates

The girls are constantly changing their schedules. Yesterday they dropped a feeding. It totally threw me off, but it worked out nicely. They had been eating 6x's a day, and I was offering 6oz, but they weren't eating everything. Yesterday they ate 5x's and pretty much finished their bottles every time. It also means they are sleeping longer (yea!), from about 9pm to 5:30am-ish. This is how we found them one morning a couple weeks ago - it's not easy to wiggle out of a miracle blanket, but somehow they both managed to do it...

This is about the guiltiest look I've ever seen! Must be why they are calling for their Grandma's already...

Brynn is getting much better at lifting her head up.

Avery is our little roller girl, I think rolling from her tummy to her back has officially become a regular thing for her. And Evan is still a little cheese-ball.

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