Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So sad...

So, I had never watched the show Jon & Kate Plus Eight until I found out I was having twins. I had several people tell me I should watch the show. So I did. I had plenty of time to catch up on the show while I was on bedrest, and the truth is, I totally fell in love with the family.

I just watched the season premier, and I am heartbroken for their marriage and family. I actually cried right along with them. I am rooting for them. One thing Kate said that surprised me at first was the divorce rate among parents with multiples is tripled! (No idea where she got the info or if it is substantiated) I had never heard that statistic before. Obviously it caught my attention as a parent of multiples. After that sunk in, I got it. It's stressful.

Now, I have no experience with multiple children who are not multiples (nor am I trying to compare my situation with EIGHT kids - or the scrutiny of the media), but with a toddler and infant twins - life got considerably more stressful. Our day is a blur from start to finish, everywhere we go is hard work. So, I get it. That's why I am rooting for them. Marriage is hard work as it is, add children and it becomes harder - add EIGHT and you've got an uphill battle. I can't imagine they have had any time to actually work on their marriage.

Anyway, all that to say - I wish them all the luck!


guch said...

I watched it last night and just felt so sorry for both of them. I don't know if its having multiples or having cameras and tens of thousands of dollars given to you that are causing the trouble.

Hamblin Bunch said...

I agree. I like to watch it cause having 5 kids 5 and under I am stressed lots....but it broke my heart to see what they are going through. It goes to show that marriage is a lot of work and we have to keep working at it even in the midst of our busy lives! By the way your kids are adorable!!! Have a great week!

Machelle said...

First piece of advice - always make time and dates for DAN and YOU - second piece of advice - don't go on TV and expect to have time for those times and dates. You will do fine - love you

Machelle said...

Two pieces of advice:

First: Make time and dates for you and Dan - life will be just fine!

Second: Don't exploit your life on television and expect to have those times and dates.

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