Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wedding

We drove out to Cincinnati to see our friends Shawn & Stacy get married over the weekend and Evan was the ringbearer!! It was a GORGEOUS wedding, and a lot of fun - even with 3 children in tow! The oops moment of the trip was when we mistakenly thought we were going to arrive in Cincinnati with plenty of time to get to our hotel and change before the rehearsal. Nope, we forgot completely to account for the time change... Oh well, it all worked out fine!

Do I really have to dress up?
Yep, but Daddy will help!

Brynn is ready to party!

Avery is ready for her moment in front of the camera!
Ok, I'm a little biased, but are these not the cutest kids you've ever seen?
Evan and the flower girl, Clara - SO CUTE!
Evan gave Clara a kiss and one of his cars when they first got to "hang out" before the ceremony. I don't have any pictures yet :( - but Evan pulled Clara down the aisle in a wagon. ADORABLE! He did really good - Dan helped coax him down the aisle, and Clara's mom walked behind to make sure he didn't dump her out of the wagon. It was a super cute idea!
I love this picture, I took it while everyone was getting ready for the ceremony! It would have been better if I could have gotten the bride & groom in the background...

SO Gorgeous!

This was a clever cake, I was sad I didn't get to eat any...

And, lastly, how awesome is THIS view! This is the view from the reception! Again, GORGEOUS!

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Stacy said...

Lori, what wonderful photos!! I love the close up of the pew flowers with gals in background. Very artsy shot! I'm so glad you all made it. I can only imagine how difficult that was so it really meant a lot to have you there. So glad we finally got to meet your kids, especially my super cute ring bearer!!!

Take care!

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