Thursday, May 28, 2009

the Aquarium

We stayed an extra day in Cincinnati after the wedding last weekend so we could see some of the sights and have a little "mini-vacation". When Dan and I lived in Cincinnati (me for a little over a year, him for around 4) we used to go to a place called the Hofbrauhaus. We wanted to go there, and also take the kids to the aquarium.

Our trip to the restaraunt wasn't so pleasant - the girls should have been taking a nap and Brynn decided to scream instead. It was rather embarassing, so we scarfed down our food and ran out as quick as we could. Hard to enjoy meals these days...

The aquarium, on the other hand, was a lot of fun. Mostly for us and Evan, not so much for the girls - they didn't really care. Here is the proof of our fun:

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