Tuesday, June 9, 2009

will somebody PLEASE answer the phone!

Oh. Wait. Nope.

The phone isn't ringing... it's just my ears...

Yep, my ears are ringing. My left all the time, my right every now and again. They have been. For one year. Exactly. Today.

It started with my ears popping and some odd pressure change in my head - then they started to ring a couple hours after that. A couple days later I found out I had a massive ear infection. Antibiotics cleared the infection, but my ears were still ringing. Ugh. I was newly pregnant at the time - hadn't even found out I was having twins yet. Yeah. Not much can be done for a prego.

I let it go until about a month ago since "we can't really do anything for you while you are pregnant," and also hoping it was related to the swelling that comes with pregnancy. Well, turns out there still isn't much they can do for me now that I'm not pregnant. Mostly because they aren't sure what is causing the ringng. I had an MRI last week so they could rule out the possibility of it being a tumor pressing on my nerve. It's not a tumor... (I couldn't help but think of Arnold Schwartzenegger as I typed that...) So that's good.

But my ears are still ringing. To relieve the pressure in my ears they are putting tubes in. Tubes. The same thing my son had done a couple years ago for his recurring ear infections. Tubes. There is still no guarantee that will even stop the ringing. Oh well, it's worth a shot, 'cause this ringing is getting OLD!

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Christy said...

what a bummer! i can't imagine how annoying that is. i thought you were going to say your ears were ringing from listening to screaming kids...glad to hear that's not one of the sources, at least!! hope the tubes are successful for you!!

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