Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gone fishn'

I took Evan and my mother-in-law to a Go Fish concert a couple nights ago. Yeah, a concert, in our po-dunk town! I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. The tagline for the group is "Music for kids that won't drive parents bonkers." Ya know, like the purple dinosaur and the wiggly dudes...

I really found myself enjoying it quite a bit! They have a very modern spin to music that kids and parents really like - and it's Christian-based music, so kids are learning about the Bible at the same time.

They even wrote a song especially for Dan, I mean, Dads called "It's Hard To Be Cool (In A Mini-Van)". [for those of you who know Dan's adamant stance on mini-van's - this is hilarious]

Evan tried to sit in his own chair and he wasn't heavy enough to keep it down... it folded him right up!

Even with all the great music, here was the highlight of Evan's evening (during intermission):

...oh, and bytheway, we DO own a mini-van...

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