Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy Sleepers

We have some crazy sleepers in our family. I am pretty sure the kids get it from me. Last year when I was traveling for work I was staying at the same hotel as several other co-workers. One morning before the meeting a few people were talking about the fire alarm that went off that night. I said, oh yeah, the one at 9pm? They said, no, the one at 2am. Hmm. I guess I wouldn't have made it...

So, that story might explain why Evan didn't wake up when he fell out of bed...

How the girls start the night:

How we begin our morning:

No clue how Brynn wiggles her way from the upper corner to smack dab in the middle of the crib. One of those mysteries...

Oh, you want to know where Avery is?

Well, she doesn't sleep quite as dreamy as Brynn does - and as far as Brynn scoots down, Avery scoots up and ends up with her face shoved into the top of the crib. So she typically ends up in the swing at some point in the morning.

We prefer it when she waits until about 5:30am to wake up, but she has a tendency to want to wake us up around 4am. We have tried the rocking and putting her back in the crib thing. But it never works. Never. So now we just put her directly into the swing, no matter what time she wakes up. She sleeps like an angel the rest of the morning until Brynn wakes up around 7am. Now that I can handle!

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