Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Plastic!

We have slowly been watching the American Idol finale on Tivo over the past couple weeks and last week the part we saw included the bikini girl & Kara Dio-something. The whole segment was hilarious for several reasons, but the one I want to share has to do with the obvious breast implants the girl had gotten from the time she was introduced on the show until now.

Ryan Seacrest had a "classic" line when the bikini girl with a fake chest walked up: "I'd ask what's new, but I think we all know!" Dan and I were laughing about that line and Dan said, "Oh, that's classic." Well, Evan (who is a parrot) tried to repeat what Dan had just said, but said "Oh, that's plastic!"

We could do nothing but laugh harder - our child is wise beyond his years.

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