Monday, June 22, 2009

All the stuff that's keepin' us busy

Avery & Brynn have changed up their routine again. They dropped a feeding last week. They are now eating 4x's a day around 8oz.

They are getting used to eating cereal - it's always amusing to watch their reactions as they get used to this new, weird spoon thing I keep putting in their mouths!! We are going to start trying oatmeal cereal this week and see how they do!!

Avery has been practicing holding her own bottle:

and working on sitting up all by herself!

Brynn has been working SOOOO hard on rolling from her back to her tummy. She gets flipped over, but just can't quite get over her shoulder...

(That's actually Avery crying in the background. Brynn doesn't really get worked up when she can't get something - she just keeps at it...)

[I was really hoping by the time I posted this she would be rolling over to her tummy, but she isn't. I started this post a week ago... She just keeps trying!]

Brynn is the happiest, giggliest (is that a word?) baby! She will just start smiling or giggling out of nowhere - and it is completely infectious! I love it! You can't help but smile back at her!

Evan has been working on learning how to get his shirt on all by himself. He does get pretty frustrated when he can't figure something out the first time around...

But he is OH so happy when he finally gets it!!

I am loving reading to the kids...

And Dan, is just busy being Dan! And taking upside down pictures of himself... :)

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

What fun family pics! Your kids are adorable. And your husband, well, let's just say he seems to be a lot like mine - a little zany!

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