Tuesday, June 2, 2009

you paint, me paint, we all paint!

Whenever we have the crayons, markers, paints, you-name-it, out, Evan wants me to draw with him. (I really don't mind - in fact, why couldn't I just do that all day!) Usually he asks me to draw Lightning McQueen, then Mater, probably Doc, Mac & Ramone. Or a plain ol' semi-truck. I can do that.

But, the other day, Evan wanted me to draw a dinosaur.

I can't draw a dinosaur.

Lucky for me, on the cover for the paper there was a dinosaur drawn by what had to be a very advanced 3rd grader. At least.
This is the masterpiece I copied:

Ok, tried to copy - it did say masterpiece on the cover after all...

This is what I created:


Like I said, advanced 3rd grader!

I figure it's ok though, my 3-year-old loved it!

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