Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crockpotting adventures!!

I have been very lucky to have a husband who loves to cook. Loves to cook. Dan even likes experimenting. He has never been tied to a recipe, and likes to use his taste buds when "creating" a new meal. Well. I do not have a creative bone in my body - especially when it comes to cooking. I don't think outside the box much, so we tend to get stuck in a dinner time rut.


Now that I am home full time, I sort of feel like it's my duty to have a meal ready by the time Dan gets home from work. The first few months when the girls' schedule was so unpredictable it was darn near impossible to make any meals - even the crappy repeats I know how to make. (Ok, I should give myself a little credit - I make a mean chicken 'n' chips). Even though the girls are falling into a predictable routine - the problem is, they are eating about the time I would be tending the kitchen making a meal - doesn't bode well when I am pretty stuck to where I am at while feeding them... if only they could hold their own bottle! (we are getting close)

I can multi-task, see:

But feeding the girls and eating my meal is about as far as my multi-tasking ability goes. Feeding them and cooking a meal would prove pretty difficult at this point.



If I can find time to blog while the kids are napping, I can find time to throw some ingredients into a crock pot so it's ready for dinner.

I really enjoyed watching Good Morning America while I was on bedrest, and I continue to watch it when I can. Mostly I like the recipe/cooking segments when they have them (ironic, since I wasn't ever cooking...) Anyway - there was a lady on the show that has a blog full of crockpot recipes. She made a goal to do a different crockpot meal every day for an entire year. (Yes, excessive - but she has TONS of GREAT recipes!) The CrockPot Lady. You name it, she has it. I've tried several recipes, my favorite being the Pineapple Chicken. YUM! Anyway, if you ever want a good recipe, you should check it out!
Who knew it was so easy?

Oh, you did?

Ok, well, now I know it's easy! Little did I know, I LOVE trying new recipes!! I have even branched out into non-crock-pot recipes on occasion!! And here I thought I was a lousy cook... turns out anyone can make a great meal!!

I am curious, though - do any of you have some quick-easy-yummy crock pot recipes I could try?? (Emphasis being on the easy part since I'm taking baby steps here...) :) Leave a comment or email me with some of your recipe favorites!!


guch said...

I just went to her website and found supper for tonight. Thanks. Call me when you get a free chance.

Megan said...

That's awesome Lori! I'm always up for easy recipes! I make a lot of soups in the crock pot in the winter. I'll email you a few recipes that we like!

guch said...

Okay, I made the brown sugar chicken for tonight and it was sooo good. I highly recommend it.

Stacy Donahoe said...

Lori, now that I'm temporarily at home too, I also feel like I should be cooking dinner every night for Shawn. If you could pass along a few of your fav beef and chicken crockpot recipes, that'd be awesome. Thanks!!


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