Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another installment of...

...what we do for fun around here!

And what's more fun than one?

Two, of course!

The laundry basket; functional AND fun!


Sharie said...

Love it! Laundry baskets are very budget-friendly toys. It just takes Dad & Mom power to make them move for some games. Our kids used to pretend they were boats and they'd pile their toys in with them. If they got out, they had to 'swim in the ocean' to where they wanted to go!

Who needs batteries and electronic gadgets?

Debbie said...

hahah! I wish I was still little enough to enjoy things like basket derby. :-(

And your new header is precious!

The Family said...

Love it! So cute.

Christy said...

Love. Those. Giggles.

And by the way...thanks for reading my crazy-long-novel of a last blog post. ;) Appreciate your comments!!!

TxSizeHull said...

Sooooo funny and cute!!!

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