Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 on 2sday

1.  We discovered light switches last week...



2.  Evan has discovered door locks.  So now he randomly locks and unlocks doors around the house. *sigh*

3.  Brynn likes to wipe.  Everything.  Her nose.  The dog.  Her toys.  Her bottom area as we are changing a messy diaper, and her nose again right after...


4.  We discovered toddler beds a couple weekends ago (I'll write more later, but here is a sneak peek of how it's been going...)


5.  We discovered there is just enough room under Avery's bed for the kids to crawl under...

6.  We finally had our first snow a couple weeks ago (and a lot more since then), and I've got some cute pictures to share, eventually, but here is a cute shot of the anticipation and excitement!


7.  This is just too darn cute not to share:


8. Since it's too cold to go outside these days, we decided indoor picnics would have to do...


9. Avery is attempting to start a new fashion trend:


(or she just really hates having clothes on that arm)

10.Stuff like this stresses me out:


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