Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Toddler Beds

Like I said on my 10on2sday post, we moved the girls into their toddler beds a couple weekends ago.

Let's just say I wasn't real happy about the move, mostly because it wasn't on our timing, it was on theirs... and I wasn't, and am still not ready for this move.

So... on to Day 1:

We got their beds set up in the morning so we could do a trial run at nap time, and it didn't go well... let me show you:

 IMG_3677 edit

IMG_3678 edit

IMG_3679 edit

IMG_3681 edit

So we removed all their toys.

That night I think they were so exhausted from not taking a nap, it only took 2 trips into their room to get them to stay there and finally go to sleep.

Day 2:

Nap time wasn't any better than the previous day, minus all the toys scattered around since we had taken them out of their room.

IMG_3680 edit

2010-12-04_10-45-38_883 edit

...and we wound up pulling the changing table out when we found them both playing on top of it together!

Day 3, or 4 (I can't remember):

Probably the worst day.  They decided to yank everything out of the dresser drawers, and continued to use those drawers as a ladder to reach all the pretty breakable things that I was stupid enough to keep on top of their dresser....

IMG_3682 edit

2010-12-07_17-07-51_15 edit

...the dresser got turned around and the breakable things removed, and while we were at it, we figured a way to keep them out of their closet as well:

IMG_3767 edit 

IMG_3768 edit

A week later:

Nap times are still challenging, but on top of that, Brynn started to lay down behind the door and fall asleep at night.  I don't know if she decided she doesn't like her bed, or if she's trying to peek under the door and listen to what's going on outside...

2010-12-12_14-35-47_164 edit

This was a day I forgot to clip the closet door closed and of course they figured it out and pulled their diaper bag out and started rifling through it...

2010-12-12_14-35-58_407 edit

We knew it would take some time, and eventually they'll get it, and I can go back to a less-stressful nap time and bed time routine (in my dream world) ~ but I will admit it was pretty cute to see them both peacefully sleeping together in the same bed one night, although not cute enough for me to leave them that way!

IMG_3676 edit

Two weeks in:

Today was the first day I didn't have to go into the girls room at nap time and tell them to get back in their beds.  It might be a fluke, or maybe they are just used to the new beds now?  Either way, I'll take it when I can get it!!


Elaine said...

You are one of the most creative and persistent Mother's I know. Well done Lori well done. Hindsight, maybe rooms of little twins should just be four padded walls and plushy carpet. : ) Love hearing about your world.

TxSizeHull said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe all the maneuvering you are having to go through, it's crazy! You have my sympathy, you really do. By the way, Nathan does the same thing, brings his blanket by the door and lays/sleeps there sometimes...weird.

Michele S said...

Hi Lori, loved reading all of this, didnt know you had it out there. Challenges you did awesome overcoming and you guys are creative that is for sure. Have to outsmart them and looks like you and Dan have definitely done that multiple times. Keep it up girl!

Michele S

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