Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 on 2sday

1.  Sunday was a fluke.  The past 2 days, nap time has been more fun as play time... naps don't last as long, or come as easily... *sigh*

2.  The girls have been very interested in the alphabet, including trying to sound out the letters.  (LOVE The Letter Factory) ~ but the cutest quote from Avery, "A-B-C-D-E-F-JESUS"

3.  Colors are also on our list-of-things-to-learn, so we talk about colors a lot.  And my Mom would be happy to know that without any prompting or help, Avery ran past a pile of my stuff, stopped, looked, and said "purple" (well, pupuh) when she saw a purple envelope on the pile.

4.  Brynn likes to be my little helper, and last week when I "let" her help me with the laundry, she made it her job to blow on the clothes because they were still warm coming right out of the dryer.


5.  We celebrated an early Christmas with my parents a couple weekends ago and my Mom got me a kitchen-aid mixer!!  I've only been drooling over one of those FOREVER!!!  Yay, Mom!  It's been put to good use already!!


6.  This happened a few weeks ago, but kind of out of the blue at dinner, Evan blurted out; "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy EXPERIMENT."

7.  I used to laugh when I'd hear people talking about their kids running around naked because they don't like to keep their clothes on... well, now it's not so funny, because that seems to be the route Avery is going.  It started with just the shoes & socks, then it moved to the pants, then she figured out how to get one arm out of her shirts, and last week it turned into the diaper.  Not. funny.  It just so happened to be the same day that I read this post from another blog I read... and that may be the route I go to keep her diaper on!


8.  I got to watch my friends' almost-4-month-old yesterday for a little bit, and he's adorable, and the kids love him, although I'm not sure he appreciated the pats on the head as much...


9. We took the kids to a Christmas puppet show a couple weeks ago, and at the end they let the kids meet the puppets and try them on if they'd like.  The girls were totally mesmerized by the puppets, but weren't too sure about getting close to them... Evan on the other hand - all about it!




10. I don't condone this behavior. Nor do I encourage it by film.ing.it... whoops...


The Family said...

LOVE the mixer! I got one a few years back and it is a dream- although it makes baking cookies that much easier which means I am more likely to make them. Have fun with it!

TxSizeHull said...

#2 & #6 - I just love kids and how that kind of stuff comes out...I only wish we could have it recorded on video to remember how 'cute' they were, ya know? :O)

Never Too Busy said...

Watching that video was the highlight of my day. I remember myself loving to do that as a kid...until I missed y landing zone :-(

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