Monday, December 20, 2010

It's SNOW!

I'm a bit behind posting this... but in early December when we finally saw our first stick-on-the-ground snow here, we started getting a bit giddy with anticipation...

2010-12-03_14-51-26_659 we started working on getting dressed...

IMG_3658 edit

Kids ready for snow

IMG_3667 edit

...and went outside to enjoy our first snow of the season!



I never took the girls out last year, mostly out of laziness cheapness not wanting to buy snow suits when they really wouldn't enjoy the snow anyway!  So this was their first experience getting to play with the wet white stuff!

Brynn kept trying to shake it off her mittens, not really caring for it at all.  Although, she did like to shuffle her feet through it.





Avery wanted to touch it so bad, that I had a hard time getting her to keep her gloves on.  It moved from annoying to kinda serious in a matter of about two minutes when I finally gave up and brought everyone back inside 'cause she refused to let me get near her with her glove!  By the time we got inside her poor little hand was pretty red and cold!




Evan was so excited to make his first? snow angel.  He's probably made one before, I've just never seen it since 2 winters ago I was on bed rest, and last year with the girls so little, we never went out together!


Overall it was worth the 25 minutes to get fully dressed, in order to enjoy the 4 minutes of playing outside!

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The Family said...

I love the shades! The white snow can be pretty bright. And the girls' hats are adorable.

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