Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 on 2sday

1.  I can't believe tomorrow is December.  Well, I can, because the calendar says so, but really... where did this month go!?!?!

2.  The girls are everywhere.  The crib/pack-n-play will no longer contain my two little monkeys.  In fact, the girls think it's fun to climb IN to their cribs.  And out.  And in.  And out of their highchairs, and over the gate, and through the woods to Grandma's house...  I'm having a pity party, because this means toddler beds (and far more freedom than I'm ready for), is coming 'round the bend... (as in, probably this weekend)



3.  Yesterday marked our first ER visit for a non-illness.  Evan and Brynn had a slight disagreement with a toy, to which I was told (by Evan) that Brynn hit him first, so he retaliated and hit her back.  Except, when he hit her, it left a mark.  Well, a gash.  On her forehead.  It really wasn't that big, but I couldn't see how deep it went, and my efforts to clean it up and 'glue' her forehead together with New Skin didn't totally work.  2 hours later (and the Dr's offices closed) it was still oozing blood around the 'glue', so I took her in.  No stitches, just dermabond.  But I will say, Brynn was a champ ~ even through what I can only imagine must have stung horribly, she never flinched.

4.  I love my camera phone.  The quality is certainly not my preference, but I almost always have my phone within arms reach, so I can capture moments as they are happening...  even if I don't exactly remember why I took the picture, or the story behind it...


...really, not a clue...

5.  The day after Thanksgiving I went dress shopping with my friend, Kristi ~ I get to be her maid matron of honor in her wedding next year, and I'm pretty excited!  We found a gorgeous dress for her, and I don't mind saying, the dresses we bridesmaids get to wear are pretty awesome too.  I took pictures of Kristi in just about every dress she tried on (but I'm not going to post in the completely off chance her fiance might see...), but I did not get any pictures of our dresses.  However, I did get a picture of one of the flower girls that I will post, who is totally adorable, and loved having her dress on...


6.  Dan got all the Christmas lights put up outside, and the kids enjoyed watching...  But I don't have any of our indoor decorations up yet.  We decided not to put a Christmas tree upstairs this year.  I'm a little sad about it, but I really don't want to stress myself out trying to keep the girls from dismantling it.  So I'm really kind of procrastinating putting up the other decorations, as much as the girls climb all over I'm not sure I have enough spaces high enough to keep things out of their reach!


7.  Avery has been practicing pulling her clothes off all by herself.  She tries to put them back on, and most of the time is partially successful. But I must admit that I was pretty impressed by her ability to get her pants on by herself!


8. Brynn is still my little book worm...

9. Evan has switched his obsession from Lightning McQueen, to every Toy Story character ever made. Yes, it's an obsession.  His favorite toy has long been replaced by Woody, but it's been made very obvious that we have been sucked in by Disney's marketing scheme...

10. I can't explain this...

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