Monday, November 1, 2010


Surprise, Mom!! I posted pictures sooner than I thought... :)

More picture-disappearing drama for me... the girls' Kindermusik Halloween pictures are gone, and Evan's preschool Halloween pictures are gone. I was moving pictures over from my camera today and they just weren't there. Nothing. I am so sad. I'm hoping they can still be recovered, though, so we'll see. I must be honest, I was REALLY glad my family photo shoot was still there from yesterday!! That would have been a BIG bummer!

IMG_2334 edit

Evan was SO excited to be Mr. Incredible this year! And I was SO excited to be able to borrow the costume from a friend!!

IMG_2338 edit

Avery LOVED being a cow, I had to go out and buy her costume, and I wanted it to sort of "match" Brynn's costume - and when I say "match" I mean; have the cute little bubble butt, and be some sort of animal.

IMG_2337 edit

This was Evan's costume from 3 years ago, and I was very happy that Brynn wore it so adorably! I let Brynn have this one because of the banana (which you can sort of see on her right side)... I thought it would be kind of mean to let Avery have a costume with a food item on it that she can't even eat...

Although, if you look back at Avery's picture, you can see her holding a Snickers bar, which was kind of mean... peanuts and chocolate... a BIG no-no!

And last but not least...


Totally free, Dan's Dad is a big hunter, so I borrowed some of his gear, I borrowed one of Evan's nerf gun things (which is actually broken), and Dan finagled some deer antlers into a hat.
Yeah, we're awesome. :)

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