Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thankful for...

...moments like these:

Evan asked me this week if he could write a letter to Santa.
My response was that if he thought he should, then he could.
He said, "Ok, but just one letter."
I said writing one letter would be fine.
"I'm going to write the letter, S, Mom... 'cause Santa starts with the letter, S"

She will say something like:
"I wah-a wass-a haeands" (translation: I want to wash my hands)
So I repeat what she said, "Oh, you want to wash your hands?"
She replies: "oh-kaeee"
(So, words don't quite do justice to how her "ok" sounds... it's pretty darn cute, and it's her way of getting what she wants, 'cause she knows we are going to repeat everything she says, and she figures agreeing with us will do it...)

I took her to the grocery store last weekend, just her and me ~ so she sat in the cart right in front of me.  It was fun (and rare) one-on-one time with her.  I tossed a bag of marshmallows into the cart behind her, and she reached back and grabbed them.  She kept asking me to 'heylp" (translation: help) her open the bag.  I replied that we couldn't open the bag while we were in the grocery store, we had to wait until we got home.
So the entire time we were walking through the store she would hold out the bag to everyone who passed by and with her cutest, most pathetic voice kept asking "heylp me", "heylp me."  Um, yeah, it was hard to resist tearing open the bag for her...

I am thankful for those moments...

...because it makes these types of moments bearable:

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