Sunday, March 14, 2010

a fond farewell...

Dan and I had a small Memorial this evening after the kids went to bed.

It was a big deal.

Remember the Lightning McQueen Incident?

Well, we had another episode today.

The good news: Today was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day that included a family walk and a detour to the park behind our house.

The bad news: Evan's fah-a-vor-it-e, and I mean, FAVORITE, toy took a bath in the sand at the playground.

When I say favorite toy, I'm talking; this kid takes it everywhere, sleeps with it at night, his friends ask me why he carries it around all the time, and I'm sure this is payback for him dropping his pacifier on his own at 13 weeks old, and having no trouble dropping his bottles right at 12 months, so now I'm going to have to work hard to ween him from a TOY!

I just assumed I'd pull it apart again and clean it out like the last time.


It's toast. The sand isn't coming out without serious surgery that I'm not qualified to perform.


Thank goodness we picked up a spare just in case this day came.

So we devised an elaborate plan and told Evan that Lightning McQueen would be visiting Luigi's tire shop, Ramone's House of Art, Doc's fix-em-up shop, and he'll be good as new in the morning.

Let's hope he goes for it, because the Memorial service included dumping the old McQueen in the garbage.

The good news: He totally went for it...
The bad news: He now thinks his toy, Doc, is a miracle worker...


Sharie said...

Very creative and smart parenting. The backup "twin" toy is a great idea! You are such a great Mommy, Lori!

Megan said...

Oh no, Lori!! What we do to protect them! LOL! :) I am glad that he went for it. We had to make up a little fib to explain to Lydia where Frosty went... (we said he went on vacation to the beach)...

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