Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moments I love...

Any parent knows, there are hard days...

...days that you want to bury so deep in the memory bank, that you never remember how awful it was.

But, any parent also knows there are little nuggets that make it all worth it:

[We were at the library and we went upstairs before going down for storytime; as I was checking out my book, this is the conversation that unfolded...]

Evan: [walking towards the elevator] Mom, I am going to leave you behind!

Me: Oh no, sweetie, that wouldn't be very nice, would it?

Evan: No Mom, I wouldn't really leave you behind, you are my best friend!

You melt my heart, kid ~ my life would be so boring without you!


Pocket Prayers said...

MELT MY HEART! How sweet!

Anonymous said...


Megan said...

Love it! What a sweetheart!!! :)

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