Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 on 2sday

1.  My ears are still ringing

2.  I often times type my name as: Loir, thankfully spell check shows a red squiggly line for me... strange fact I'm sure you wanted to know...

3.  Brynn does not like spaghetti.  It shouldn't surprise me ~ I didn't like spaghetti when I was little either.  Actually, I have a funny spaghetti story... maybe I'll share it some time!

4.  What does surprise me is how sassy a 4-year-old can be.  I had no idea.  Seriously, no idea.

5.  Avery tinkled in the toilet tonight.  Kind of random, although we have put the girls on the potty before, just to see what they would do.  Brynn freaks out, Avery did a little at first, but has been ok with it lately.  But she had never actually peed while up there.  Now she has... and of course, I took a picture of the momentous occasion! (I sure hope she forgives me for this picture...)

 6.  I'm not ready to actually potty train Avery.  If I learned nothing else from my experience with potty training Evan, it was that if I'm not ready... ain't nobody ready...  although, it won't keep us from putting them on the potty.

7.  I scoped out a location over the weekend for an upcoming family photo shoot... doesn't this look fun!?!? 

8.  Avery has been practicing putting clothes on...

9.  When Avery says Brynn's name, it sounds like bin, bun or ben.  And it's adorable.

10.  When Brynn says Avery's name, it sounds like A-E.  It's also adorable.


Dr Woody said...

#7 is a great location, I love backbone. That's were I did Jeanna's outdoor maternity shots

Never Too Busy said...

Hi!! Yes, I am still around. Thanks for checking up on me! :-D It's nice to know I'm missed. On a more related note, my mom has a picture of me on the potty, and I've been trying for years to destroy it. No luck yet though. She keeps it hidden away and pops it out when I get rowdy.

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