Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 on 2sday

1.  It doesn't feel like Tuesday

2.  I'm not ready for fall, although judging by the long pants and light jackets I had to put on the kids this morning to go out, I'm not sure I have much of a choice...  chili & potato soup, yes - coats & jeans, not so much

3.  We went on a whirlwind trip over the extended weekend, and part of it included taking Evan to his 1st ISU game!!  We brought a backpack of goodies for him... just in case... and I'm not sure if the toys distracted him from watching the game, or if he really just didn't care - but he was quite amused with the toys we brought!

4.  Avery started saying "love you" - it sounds more like "uv oooh" - but it might be the sweetest thing I've heard/seen since the girls started hugging...

5.  Brynn has decided she wants to be a big girl now and wants to walk wherever we go.  Doesn't always work well for me when she flings herself away as I'm trying to carry two wiggly little girls, but we are working on it...

6.  I feel like I am playing catch up all the time right now.  I'm trying very hard not to let it overwhelm me at this point, but I'm just really praying for a time when I don't feel like I have a million things to do at once.  Fat chance, I'm guessing.

7.  During our whirlwind weekend we had no cable or internet for about 5 days - I must say, it was nice.  Although, I did just get a new {smart} phone recently *love*, so I was at least able to get some emails and some facebook stuff.  Although, I think that was contributing to my feeling "behind."  I love to read blogs, and I wasn't reading any while I was gone, so I came home to over 200 blog posts in Google Reader.  Totally ridiculous to feel "behind" on reading blogs... I dunno, I may need to start downsizing.

8.  We just took Avery back to the allergist last week to run more tests - mostly checking different varieties of fruit that we suspected were causing more eczema problems.  Just got the results today to find most came back negative, and pineapple came back borderline.  Doesn't explain why she had her eczema flare up recently, but at least we know the fruit we suspected wasn't it.  I can't even describe how frustrating it is to NOT KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER!!!!!  AGH!  (thanks for listening reading? allowing me to vent)

9.  I did another senior photo shoot last week, it got dark very quickly with a thunderstorm moving in so we got what we could and planned another date next week to try a couple more locations.  We had also planned to do some shots indoors, which was extremely nerve-wracking for me since I'm not real skilled at indoor lighting, but we had fun playing around in the auditorium!

10.  Our whirlwind weekend included a visit with my Dad's side of the family down in SW Missouri - it was just awesome.  The logistics to get us down there and how everything worked out, truly was perfect.  A HUGE thank you to Sharie for watching the girls while we went to the game Thursday night - it made the trip possible, and I could not be more grateful.  I got to meet all sorts of family I had not met yet - cousins, babies of cousins, spouses of cousins, friends - LOTS of photo ops - and it was a great weekend!

This man was one of the highlights of the trip... my Grandpa just turned 96 this summer, and he rocks!  Just thought I'd share that!

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TxSizeHull said...

Lori - LOVE the picture of Grandpa, that IS awesome!!!

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