Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adventures with Yoshi

Earlier this week, while the kids were down for nap/quiet time, me and Yoshi had a little adventure.

It started with me getting a little annoyed by all the barking I was hearing outside.

It wasn't a normal kind of bark.

So I went to check it out.

And here is what I saw:

So, obviously I had to go run for the camera and hope the frog would still be there when I got back.

Definitely still there.

Poor Yoshi, she just didn't know what to do with this thing.

But she was NOT happy that it invaded her space.

So of course, I got in a little closer...





Dr Woody said...

that's a great last shot! lol ;)

Rachel said...

BAA HAA! That was GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yipes! Felt like I was right there.

ck said...

Those shots are awesome. Especially with the frog in focus and the dog in the corner of the frame. My dog would have a field day with that frog!

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