Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 on 2sday

1.  So I've had every intention of  posting a '10 on 2sday' every week... you can see how well I'm doing...

2.  I posted a few more 'sneak peeks' on my photography blog!  One of them is my photographer friend and her family!  I gotta say, rather intimidating to be photographing someone who knows what she's doing and what you are doing (and what I'm doing wrong :), but it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for me!!

3.  About a week and a half ago both Avery & Brynn climbed out of their cribs.  On. the. same. day.  I wish you could have seen the look of panic on mine and Dan's faces when we saw them trundling down the hallway.  I really thought crib time was over ~ my only chance in the mornings to actually take a shower is now clouded by the constant fear of them climbing out of their cribs and getting into something they shouldn't.  But, *knocking furiously on any wood around me* for whatever reason they haven't climbed out since.  It won't be long, though, and my whole routine will have to change drastically.

4.  We are well on our way to the 'terrible-2s' - both Avery & Brynn  are perfecting their fit-throwing skills.  (I guess since they have someone to show them how to do it I should expect them to be ahead of the curve on this one...)  Avery will straighten herself out and go stiff as a board ~ then she flings herself backwards.  For the most part I ignore it, except when she's about to fling herself into the furniture... Brynn likes to hit when she's mad... or bite... and I had a welt on my leg to prove it.  (although no picture)

5.  Evan asked me for celery.  Very out of character, especially since eating vegetables has been such a challenge.  This was a breakthrough.  Even if he does want me to slap peanut butter on it.  And I should mention, it started with me giving him sliced cucumbers... we slapped some pb on those and he ate them up.  He must have thought it was celery because that's what he kept asking for...

6.  The girls really like throwing things down the stairs.

7.  Evan gets really mad when the girls throw his toys down the stairs.

8.  Avery speaks in full sentences sometimes.  Her language development has me totally amazed...  and she repeats EV-ER-Y-THING!  I never got in a good routine of writing down all the words she started saying because it wasn't just a word here and there - it was an entire vocabulary!

9.  Brynn is still my little book worm.  All the kids like books, but Brynn has always been happy sitting off by herself with her nose in a book.  And she has created her own language to read with.  She's constantly babbling something while she's "reading."

10.  Avery & Brynn have set their sights on doors... including this one... which they can reach... and open... and may or may not have gotten into the yard without me noticing right away...

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Never Too Busy said...

I can't blame them for liking throwing things down the stairs. I'm in my 20's and still enjoy doing it :-)

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