Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 on 2sday

This episode brought to you in part by random-ness from the camera in my phone:

1.  A week may just be the longest I've gone between posts...

2.  I learned last week that the grocery store aisles are not wide enough...  ask me why. 

3.  I am going to assume you asked me... one of my children broke a jar of jelly at the store.  It was totally slow motion, I saw her reaching for it, and it was too late...  and yes, it was embarrassing.

4. Brynn's new favorite thing to do is empty the tupperware drawer into the sink.  So this is often what my sink looks like because there is never enough space in the dishwasher to fit it all in at the same time:

5. Avery can reach WAAAAAAAAAAY to high for my comfort. 

6.  Evan got a hold of the foam stickers and decided they belonged on his wall, and his bed, and his furniture, and a few other places.  I guess I should be glad it wasn't something that didn't come off easily!

7.  This was the sight as I was getting breakfast ready one morning.  Four different types of milk ~ some nearly empty, two types of juice.  Can you imagine what it looks like in our fridge?!!?  Not much room for anything else...

8.  The girls pulled the. entire. box. apart.  And had lots of fun while doing it...  My first thought was; well, cheap entertainment.  But then I went to buy a new box of aluminum foil and it was like $8!?!?!  That seemed liked a lot!  So I went with generic just in case this happens again... 

9.  Speaking of cheap entertainment... I am SO glad we had 3 brooms in the garage.  I couldn't believe how entertained these kiddos were with the brooms.  I WILL be reminding them of their previous enthusiasm to help me 'clean' when they are, oh... say, 14 years old!!

10.  The last couple weeks my patience has been tested more than it ever has before.  (see #2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 for a few examples)  Some days I pass the test with flying colors.  Other days I fail miserably.  I am reminded of how often I fail when Evan covers his ears as I discover one of his wrong-doings.  Just been one of them weeks...

1 comment:

TxSizeHull said...

Note to self for Kartmans visit:
1. Hide all the tupperware, foam stickers, and aluminum foil.
2. Buy 7 different types of milk.
3. Pull out all the brooms!

Uh...looking forward to meeting your family. Hahaha! :o)

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