Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflection and Resolutions

Hard to believe another year has gone by.

Tomorrow my baby girls will be 11 months old.

This month I will turn 30.

In April my son will turn 4, and my husband and I will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!

This holiday season has been very reflective and sentimental for me. When I look back at the last year and reflect on all the changes my family has experienced and lived through ~ it's just amazing! And looking ahead at what this new year holds is equally amazing and exciting for me.


And on to my resolution.

I don't normally do "resolutions" ~ a resolution just asks to be broken, if you ask me! But I think this one is manageable.

If you remember back in November, I wrote a post about what my one resolution was going to be.

I am already falling behind on it, because I had planned to have all my recipes picked out for the year... but all the farther I got was pulling out the cookbooks and (sort of) sorting them, and counting them.

I had 33 cookbooks, one pile of printed out, or copied pages & one pile of note cards that have been cut out of magazines or were in some kind of mailing.

I had a hard time sorting the random pages that were all over the place, and when I flipped through the papers I found quite a few I wanted to try.

My official goal is going to be 35 new recipes. I may pick out more, but at least 35. That's totally achievable considering I tried 36 recipes in about 8 months...

Part of me thinks this is a bit lame, but really what I want to achieve from this is to force myself to use these great cookbooks that I already have!

Ok, enough of my blabbering since I've probably lost most of you by now anyway... I think if the recipe is good enough, maybe I'll just post it on here!

And if you have made it this far down this run-on-sentence-of-a-post... here is one of my favorite Christmas pics of the girls...

Thanks to all of you who have read along about my family this past year, and shared my ups and downs and all-arounds!

Have a blessed New Year!


Megan said...

That is a darling pic of your girls!! I will look forward to some of your recipe posts! :)

Sharie said...

This should be in a magazine ~~ so precious!

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