Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fight for Sprite

I think we all know by now that pop (soda for non-Mid-westerners) isn't good for you.

But I'm not going to talk today about the calories, the sugar, or the caffeine.

I am going to take a different stance on the subject.

The fact there is one of me, and two of them.

And I only drink one pop at a time.

So when they want to play with the bottle.

That presents a problem.

Because there's only one bottle.

And two of them.

Now, you might ask, why did I let them fight?

Well, because it's kind of cute when they fight (and I do realize the older they get, the less cute it will be).

And because I am not going to get in between every fight they have the rest of their lives.

Because there will be many.

And they will get over it.


*On a side note - Brynn was especially fussy this particular incident because she was starting to get her first ear infection... :(


Pocket Prayers said...

Such wise advice, and besides life is short we can't spend it being a referee sometimes we have to just enjoy the game. Cute, very cute perspective.

DJ Bates said...

My little sweethearts don't cry do they? It is good to have them work it out together. How is Brynn feeling today?

Sharie said...

You are a great mom! Or you could save an empty bottle and then they could each have one!! But then they would still want the other one's bottle, but they would learn to work it out! Who says kids need expensive store-bought toys? (the toy makers do) Happy parenting!! Love you!

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