Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a little something special

I debated.

About whether or not to call attention on my blog that I turned THIRTY today.

I decided.

And you are now reading my decision.

I asked for the day off.

My 3 little bosses said no.
After all, who would feed them, and change their diapers?

Speaking of days off, I explained to my husband last night that since moving to Iowa when I was 12, it has almost always snowed on my birthday. I think the first three years it snowed bad enough that school was canceled. And I was disappointed.

My husband asked why on earth I was disappointed about school being canceled... nerd.

Well, I've always loved making treats and sharing them, and having everyone say "Happy Birthday!" And it's just not as special when it isn't on your birthday...

I've always thought birthdays are special.
Except mine.
Since having kids.

Now it's their birthday that's special.

Possibly why I am so excited that in one week my girls are turning ONE!

Anyway, back to me.

I made treats. Rice Krispy treats.

With Evan.
He helped cut them out in heart shapes.

And my Dad sent me flowers.

Which made me cry.
Like a baby, not a 30-year-old woman.

A little later in the morning I received flowers from "the kids."

Which also made me cry.
But less like a baby, and more like a proud wife & momma.

And later tonight we are going out to dinner.

My favorite.

So, really, today is still special.

Just special for different reasons.


DJ Bates said...


DJ Bates said...

So how was the pizza?

Never Too Busy said...

Happy birthday!

Pocket Prayers said...

Awwww, sounds like it was a good birthday.

Sharie said...

Did your honey make you cry too in a sweet, romantic kind of way? Glad you felt loved and special, cause you are! So glad you enjoy your precious little 'bosses'. The paycheck of smiles, hugs and kisses are priceless!

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