Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Weekend

This past weekend was gearing up to be fantastic!

Busy, but fantastic.

My Aunt Elaine & Uncle Gary from AZ were visiting my parents in Omaha.

My cousin Nikki was celebrating her May wedding with a reception in Lincoln, sprinkled and topped with lots of family we haven't seen in a while.

And our krew was going out to join in on all the fun!

But the 4th of July weekend my Dad went into the hospital. I'll spare all the drawn out details, but it was a little scary. They found an infection in his leg, and it quickly became pneumonia that wasn't healing the way it should have, and the doctors couldn't figure out why.

Ugh, weekend not so fantastic.

When we got to Omaha on Thursday night, we went straight to the hospital. My Dad was looking much better, according to my mom. Yikes, 'cause he wasn't looking all that great. (sorry, Dad) But we went to see him Friday morning again, and he looked WAY better than the day before. And the doctor came in while we were there and told him he would likely be able to come home on Saturday! He was getting enough better that he could come home to recover the rest of the way.

Yay, fantastic!

So, overall it was a fantastic weekend.

Busy, but fantastic!

I am so thankful my Dad was able to come home early (the doctors at one point had said Monday, but they weren't even sure it would be that soon...)!!

Some photos of the weekends events:

me & my honey

my Mom wrangling Joslyn & Evan

my brother, Jim and his sweetheart, Valerie

the newlyweds, Nikki & Justin

There are about a million (that's only slightly exaggerating) other pictures from the weekend and it would take me forever to get them uploaded and formatted for this blog post, so I'll try to post more throughout the week... (nap time is only so long and I should probably do laundry or something) And I just accidentally deleted a cute picture of the cousins and I am too lazy (or frustrated, one of the two) to fix it... maybe tomorrow!

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