Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training - Part 4.2

It has been a solid two weeks of "potty training."

My kid rocks.

The first couple days were rough. Lots of accidents, lots of tantrums.

By the middle of day one I was hitting the discussion boards trying to get ideas of how not to lose my mind.

One of the ideas that piqued my interest was taking a toy away each time he had an accident. At first I was hesitant because I didn't want to make it any more negative than it already felt. But I tried it.

It didn't take long. I took Evan's favorite toy away and he was all over it. He had to potty on the toilet without me reminding him in order to earn it back. By day 2 he was earning all his toys back and having hardly any accidents - much to my surprise he woke up dry from nap! I was pretty excited, and that was about all I needed to keep going.

He has stayed dry at nap time EVERY DAY since day 2! I finally made the plunge late last week and I put him down for nap with only his undies. (I was putting a pull up on over his underwear - just in case) Yikes. That was a big step for me.

His next big development has been staying dry at night. I was figuring it would be a while before we reached that milestone. Nope. After about a week he started waking up dry!!! Say what?!?! He has stayed dry every night for over a week, but I'm still hesitant to put him to bed with only his underwear.

We started out by putting a diaper on, with underwear over top of it - mostly because I knew he wouldn't stay dry. Well, now that he stays dry we started putting a diaper on top of the underwear - just in case. (Mostly so I can re-use it the next night - I'm gonna save that 35 cents, darn it!) Not sure when I will be comfortable sending him to bed with only undies.

So, the BIG #2. Well, our current attempt at potty training started by him running to the toilet to go poo, but he did have a little set back a few days after we started. And yesterday. But the two times he has had a #2 accident, have really just been accidents. He gets it, and the norm is that he goes in the toilet.


So, I must say this is a true adventure. I started writing about my lessons learned, and eventually I will probably post it. But not now. I have to finish packing. So, wish me luck as I venture on a 5 hour car ride with a newly potty trained little boy...

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guch said...

Yeah Evan!!! Where are you going on your trip?

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