Wednesday, July 1, 2009

look what I can do!

(It would really help my cause if you could think of that guy on MadTV while you read the title of this post in a sing-song way...) (Oh, and the clip that I linked to is rather fitting for our situation with 3 kids...)

Brynn has FINALLY rolled to her tummy! I know, I know, she's right on track - tomorrow being her 5 month "birthday" and all. But she has been working as hard as I've ever seen anyone work to get over onto her tummy all by herself, for at least the past month!

I have LOTS and LOTS of video of her almost getting there.

And wouldn't ya know. I didn't get her first roll on video. The little stinker. But I got her second roll.

She is SO proud of herself - and she should be! And, as expected, I can't keep her off her tummy now. She LOVES that she can get there by herself!

Look what else she is learning to do...

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