Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The other mommy

Evan's routine when he gets up from nap include - 1. looking for me, 2. heading straight to the kitchen to get his fruit snacks. Usually it's no big deal to find me since most of the time I'm right next to the kitchen feeding the girls when he wakes up.

Well, today was the exception as everyone woke up early from their naps and I was back in the girls' room playing with them.

When Evan woke up and was walking around the house looking for me, he called out and I answered back where I was. So he comes walking in Avery & Brynn's room, we chit chat, then he tells me he is going to go find his "other mommy".


I asked him what he was talking about (quite confused, I might add, and thinking I'm being replaced in his 3-year-old mind). I don't even remember what his answer was.

When I went out to the kitchen to help him with his snack, I realized what he was talking about.

The baby monitor.

I put it out in the kitchen while the kids were napping and never turned it off when I got the girls out of their crib.

When he asked where I was, he heard my voice in the kitchen and in the girls room. Two Mommies!

(ok, this story was much funnier when it happened... but I don't want to forget it, so ya'll get to read about it!)

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Christy said...

i think it's hilarious!!

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