Thursday, February 10, 2011

the Drawers

I mentioned a while back that I had to move the dresser around in Brynn & Avery's room in an attempt to minimize the destruction.

Well, it was driving me crazy that I couldn't use all that glorious drawer space since the drawers were facing the wall.  So I finally decided to tempt fate and turn the dresser around not too long ago.  I still didn't put much in the drawers... some summer clothes, spare wipes that are sealed shut, stuff like that.

No surprise, they routinely yank all that stuff out and throw it around their room.

The dresser isn't exactly fully functional anyway.  During their destructive period they used the dresser as a ladder and broke one of the drawers.  Since I had the drawers turned around, we didn't get into any hurry to fix it... out of sight, out of mind.


...turns out maybe we should fix the drawer:

1 comment:

The Family said...

The things kids do! I love the stories of your kids... they make me smile (although they may not do the same to you in the moment).

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