Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The birthday girls...

Guess what we did today?

We turned TWO!!!!

 Mommy says we aren't supposed to grow up so fast... but we don't listen.  I mean, really, we have to grow into our new tricycles and all!!

And we really want to be able to help daddy clear the snow someday...

heh, heh... just kidding... we'll let Evan do that...

Mommy also says we need to work on sharing... see... we can do that!!

My Mommy tells me that I have a big heart, and I'm kind of a momma's girl ~ and I totally agree, I'm always trying to be her helper.  Sometimes I like to hang out by myself with my nose in a book.  I really like to sing and dance, and my Mommy thinks my fake laugh is adorable.  Mommy puts me in a big girl bed at night, but I usually just sleep on the floor behind the door.  Who likes sleeping where they are supposed to anyway?  Mommy and Daddy keep telling me to "use your words," and it kind of makes me mad when they do, but I sure have been trying!!  I use my manners really well and say peez & tank-uuu all the time!  I like to push buttons too.... mommy says the literal and figurative kind, but I don't really know what that means.  I really like to color, especially when Mommy leaves her planner and a pen within my reach!  Goldmine!!  Mommy says I have a really good pincher grasp, I guess since I was first given a crayon or something ~ and she can always tell my coloring from Evan & Avery's.  I'm pretty laid back, like Daddy, and I don't talk much unless I have a reason to, and Mommy seems to think I have a bit of a temper... not sure if I agree or not.  But I do know I'm loved a lot... but really, could you resist this face?

They gave me a really neat cupcake tonight for my birthday, and I figured out how to blow out the candle!

Well I like to be a little mischievous, although I usually feel bad and end up telling on myself.  Like when I find Mommy's phone where I can reach it, I usually play with it a little bit, then take it straight to Mommy!  I really love Evan & Brynn.  I tell them hi every morning and give them hugs.  I like to repeat everything Evan says, well, anything anyone says for that matter.  I prefer to talk in full sentences, and unless I get into my mumble-everything moods I can usually get what I want if I ask nice enough!  I really like to take baths, and my hair gets really curly when I get out!  I sure hope I grow out of my food allergies some day... I've been noticing everyone else eating bananas and cheese and peanuts and I really want some of that too!!  Mommy says I'm the most determined child she knows.  She's right.  If I don't get what I want the first time, I just wait for the right moment when Mommy isn't paying attention.  And I get it.  I really like to jump and tumble.  Mommy says I do things with GUSTO ~ like when she goes to change my stinky diaper, I like to jump over to her and plop right on my bottom! My mommy is always sticking a camera in my face, she thinks it's hard to get me to smile for her... but I don't think so... well, maybe a little!

They also stuck a cupcake in my face tonight and I really didn't like the fire... but once they got rid of those things, I sure liked to eat it!!


Debbie said...

aaaaawww! Happy Birthday to your darlings!

Christy said...

Happy birthday, girls!!! And WAY TO GO on surviving the first 2 years of twins, Lori. Seriously, you deserve your own party for that. And I love that last picture of Avery, scared of the candles...too funny!

Anonymous said...

That was my favorate post in their two years. You always have a way of making me tear up Lori!!!!! I love you guys and CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE everyone!!!


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