Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 on 2sday

1.  Sorry that I'm so generic at the end/beginning of each month... but it's not right that it's February already.  As ready as I am for spring to bring warm weather... I'm not ready for time to fly by so quickly!  Although the winter storm we are in the middle of right now is making me re-think that statement!

2.  I'm sure you are dying to know if I managed to take a nap last week... RiIIIIiiight... no.  I did not.

3.  Today is the last day I will ever have a one year old.  (well, 2 one year olds, but you get what I mean...)

4.  I SWEAR that right before I grabbed my phone to take this picture... Evan & Brynn were actually cuddling.  It was quite possibly the sweetest moment a mother can experience.  Even if it did only last for about 3 minutes. 

5.  Speaking of sweet moments.  Last week Evan and I had our lunch date, and when I told Evan about it earlier in the week he asked if we could bring along his sisters.  Melt my heart.  But.... no.

6.  We went to an indoor waterpark over the weekend with Dan's family ~ we have 7 winter birthdays from December to February ~ so we did a little celebration for everyone.  Awesome!  The kids had so much fun, and so did Dan and I for that matter ~ all three kiddos went crazy for the water slides!!

7.  I had to attempt a picture of me and the birthday girls during our weekend getaway... AAaaand... this is what we get:

(which is better than nothing... at least I show up in some pictures...)

8.  Our best attempt at a family picture:

(we had popped in a movie, which was right behind my SIL who was taking the picture... you can see where my girls' priorities fall... I'm just happy they weren't screaming!)

9.  The craziest part of our waterpark weekend was letting Evan go off on his own.  He never wandered far, but since Dan and I had to stick close to the girls (and take them down the slide 6-hundred times) he was mostly exploring by himself.  It was weird for me.  Especially as we get closer to sending him to kindergarten.

10.  Speaking of kindergarten.  I called the school last week to update the kids' information and make sure Evan is on the list to get info about kindergarten round up.  When I hung up the phone... I cried.


Sharie said...

Looks like a great time at the water park~where was it? It's exciting, scary, fun, and sad all at the same time as you see your children venture farther from the safety of your arms (although God is their Protector).

I love the 'normally perfect' (not perfect by your talented standards) pics of your loving family! Thanks for sharing your life as a wife and mom.

Megan said...

Cute pictures! The waterpark looks like fun! I can't believe your girls will be 2... where did those two years go!?

Your kiddos are darling as always, Lori! :)

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