Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 on 2sday

1.  I think the 'health conscious' side of my brain has gone into winter hibernation.  It's been very discouraging, but I haven't had any motivation to wake up in the mornings and exercise.  It's cold, and my body knows it, and my bed is warm.  It's been WAAAAY too easy to just shut off my alarm clock.  The only good thing, is at least I'm still setting my alarm clock.  I figure the time that I don't even bother setting it... then I have issues.  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

2.  Last time I took the girls shopping with me, it wasn't until I came home and was emptying out the shopping bags that I realized Avery must have thrown the loufa that I attempted to buy, out of the cart somewhere along the aisles of wally mart.  whoops!  That would be reason number 3 thousand 1 hundred and twenty2 that I don't like taking kids shopping with me.

3.  Today is the last day that I don't consider myself "in my 30's".  I figure the year you turn 30 is just a trial run, (right?) but as of tomorrow, I officially have to say I'm in my 30's.  *sigh*

4.  I finally had an "aha!" moment several weeks ago when it occurred to me that we are on the downhill slope towards Evan entering kindergarten.  I've never really had much one-on-one time with him, so my 'aha' is that I'm going to start putting the girls in daycare every 2-3 weeks on days that Evan has preschool.  It will give me a couple hours in the morning to get some errands done without kids (see #2), and when I pick Evan up, we get to go somewhere special for lunch.  Just the 2 of us.  Kind of along the lines of my epiphany... I don't want to get Evan into school and look back and regret not spending more one-on-one time with him while I could.  He's a pretty neat little 4 year old, and that can get lost in the chaos of 3 small children.

5.  Last week I got to experience, and be extremely thankful for, one of the fringe benefits of being a stay-at-home-mom of small children who aren't in school yet.... I didn't have to leave the house.  Because who wants to go out of the house when it's -15 outside???


6.  The girls discovered a new way to dismantle their room ~ and I suspect they are also using this new-found discovery of a bed that is light enough to move, as a way to jump from Brynn's bed to Avery's bed, just because they can...  (oh, and to try and reach what's on top of their dresser...)


7.  I gave Avery buttered popcorn last week.  Butter.  Which is a milk product.  Which she is allergic to.  On purpose.  The ingredient was listed as "non-fat dry milk," and that's one of the ingredients my Sister-in-Law tried for my niece who is (anaphylactic-type) allergic to milk, and she did fine.  So I figured it's time to start testing some of these ingredients to see how Avery handles it.  She did fine!!  I'm not going to push it and overwhelm her system, but I am ready to slowly start working some of the foods back into her diet... wish us luck!

8. Remember my strange-fact-I'm-sure-you-wanted-to-know about sometimes mis-typing my name as Loir? Apparently I'm not the only one...

2011-01-17_16-12-29_61 2

9. Sometimes we have crazy hair when we wake up from our naps... and by "we", I mean Avery & Brynn, since I never bother get bother to attempt to take naps...



10.  I wish my brain would let me take a nap some days... like, maybe today...

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