Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 on 2sday

1.  Nap times are going a little smoother these days... a lot of times I only make one (and even none) trips into the girls' room to get them to quiet down... although...

2.  Brynn still goes to sleep behind the door.  And it really bothers me.  I think there have only been 2 times she hasn't fallen asleep behind the door - once she actually stayed in her bed (or Dan moved her and I didn't realize it), and the other time she slept in Avery's bed.  I don't know what to do about it.  I'm not sure if she doesn't like her bed?  Or is scared of her bed?  Anyone out in cyber-land ever dealt with something like this?

3.  I've realized that I have not linked to my photography 'sneak peek' blog in a while, and I have done a few photo shoots in the cold months... so here you go, a link... :)

4.  I spent about 2 weeks going through all my pictures from 2010 (personal ones, not my business ones) and deleted THOUSANDS of HORRIBLE pictures.  But the neatest thing was seeing the improvement over the past year.  I took lots and lots and lots of really bad pictures... but as the year progressed, I was deleting far fewer of the blurry, out of focus, and poorly exposed pictures that I started the year taking.  I still have a LOOOONG way to go, and a LOT to learn, but it's been a pretty darn fun process!  (Disclaimer: I have a really hard time deleting pictures... crappy, or not... but I managed to delete about 6GB worth of true crap, and probably could have deleted another 6... it was hard.)

5.  A random developmental tid-bit... I just noticed yesterday that Brynn's 1st 2-year molar broke through... as much as she has been trying to eat things that aren't edible lately... it wasn't a surprise.

6.  Speaking of 2-year... it's coming up... the girls'. 2nd. birthday.  (I just let out a big sigh)  This is the exact age that Evan was when I felt ready for another child.  (I just let out a little chuckle... a child)  There is no more baby left at 2 years old.  When we moved the changing table out of Avery & Brynn's room, I was really sad.  A changing table is very "baby," and I wasn't ready to let it go yet, but I had no choice.  Now that Avery & Brynn are so close to 2... I'm excited for our family to grow...

7.  ...not in numbers... but as little people...  Evan and Brynn and Avery are such great little people, and I'm feeling pretty lucky that I get to have them as part of my family.

8.  Speaking of little people... as much as I love them, it's sometimes nice to go places without them!  And we lucked out and had Grandpa & Grandma K watch all the grandkids on New Year's Eve so we could go out and have fun!!  For the first time in many years, I actually stayed awake all the way up to and through midnight!  (I usually fall asleep on the couch and Dan wakes me up at midnight to say Happy New Year's, and then I go to bed... exciting, isn't it?

Dan & Lori

 9.  My parents moved away from Omaha last weekend.  Farther away.  From me.  It's the right move for them, but I'm bummed that I won't be making trips to Omaha anymore.  (well, hopefully not never, but certainly a lot less)

10.  Speaking of missing people... I miss my running partner... it's been too cold/windy/snowy/icy/you-name-it to run outside.  And it's been at least 2 months since we've ran together.  So I guess what I'm saying is it can warm up ANY TIME NOW and that would be alright by me!

PS ~ Sorry, Mom, for the lack of grandkid pictures... I know you are probably disappointed to only see me and Dan... I'll get right on it...  :)


Jeanna said...

I'm sure Brynn will do just fine in the bed soon enough. I think it's kinda cute that she crawled in with her sister. =) New years sucked for me this year. Levi and I were both really sick and Josh used a coupon to spend the night with friends in CR.

Elaine said...

So it's not about me but I'm addicted to your Blog and I've missed your posting. I'm like a little kid, I run and click on my three favorite blogs... I know you're all busy taking pictures, and it's not like you don't have three VERY active children, I just love keeping up with you in slow motion at my end. I really don't know how you do it . . . get rid of pictures that is, something addictive about that too : ) Keep up the good work Lori, you are inspiring. (Great picture of you and Dan you both look great!)

TxSizeHull said...

Hey Lori - So Nathan will do the very same thing - lay on the floor behind his door in his room and sleep. One day I asked him why he does this and he said his bed was to small for him. He informed me that he was getting bigger. Well, that is true. So, I'll let you know if he stops doing this once we get a bigger bed. Maybe she is afraid of falling out of the bed and the floor feels safer? I dunno....

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