Thursday, July 1, 2010


Gettin' ready to celebrate our Independence day! 

Fireworks, Family, Fun!

Oh yeah, and a Five-K!  Yep, me, the total non-runner.  Gonna run in a 5K...

...on the Fourth of July.

I also submitted this photo to PW's Photo Assignment - doubt it will get posted on her blog since she gets 1,000's of photo's submitted - but it's fun to dream...  :)


The Family said...

Good luck on the 5K! I cannot wait to hear how it turns out. And super cute picture of Avery. You do such a great job.

DJ Bates said...

Avery's eyes sparkle in this picture, absolutely adorable, but I am prejudiced.

Elaine said...

The coloring is perfect, the subject priceless!

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