Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ten on Tuesday

1. I recently started reading a new blog that does these ten on tuesday posts.  I like the format, and I think I am going to borrow (steal?) the idea - ok, I'm linking her blog, so hopefully that doesn't mean I'm stealing it!?!?!

2.  NE Iowa got a whole lot of rain last week in a very short period of time.

3.  Some of it got into our basement (rain water, not the flooding river water).  (honestly not a big deal compared to what happened to a lot of people in our area who lost their homes)

4.  We went on a weekend trip to KC, with NO KIDS!  Our first full weekend away with NO KIDS!  (ok, this was sort of a big deal)

5.  All of the above 4 items happened at roughly the same time.

6.  We were about 30 minutes into our drive to KC and I almost made my husband turn around and take me home when we found out the dam at Lake Delhi was about to fail.  (you may or may not have heard about it in your local news)  The only reason we didn't turn around was because the forecast called for no rain while we were gone.

7.  Did I forget to mention that we had just dropped the kids off with Grandpa and Grandma at their cabin the night before we left... which is located on Lake Delhi?  And the dam did break, which basically turned the lake into a small river.

8.  This was an incredibly devastating occurrence in our area.  Even a few days after the water receded and the roads became drive-able - it still seems unreal.

9.  I am very thankful that we have a community of people who gather around each other to pitch in and help.  One of many reasons I love Iowa.  I am also thankful that it didn't rain anymore while we were away. 

10.  This is such an important reminder of why we shouldn't put our stock in earthly possessions... because you never know when they might be swept away.

(This picture was taken at Lake Delhi behind the in-laws cabin, where I am standing used to be the lake)

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